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Top 10 IT Skills

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Top 10 IT Skills


Here's a look at the top 10 skills for 2013.

1. Programming and Application Development Companies put off projects during the recession, but now they're playing catch-up and looking for staff to keep up. Technology and software are great ways for companies to improve productivity, lower costs and create better Web presence.

2. Project Management The ongoing need for project management skills tracks with the continuing need for programmers: Both are responses to the demand for new applications that businesses need to compete.

3. Help Desk/Technical Support  Businesses will need desktop support personnel to support new workers when organizations begin hiring as the economy improves.

4. Security Security has long been a concern of IT leaders, and demand for specialized security professionals is growing as the task of safeguarding systems and data becomes increasingly complex.Demand is being driven by regulatory compliance needs and by customer demand for tools with built-in security features

5. Business Intelligence/Analytics Big data is one of the top priorities for many companies, but getting the right people to analyze all that information is challenging, says Jerry Luftman, managing director at the Global Institute for IT Management and a leader in the Society for Information Management

6. Cloud/SaaS Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale similar to a utility (like the electricity grid) over a network. Cloud computing is expected to grow to a $121 billion market bt 2015

7. Virtualization The projected cost savings and efficiencies are no-brainers for organizations seeking to implement virtualization. nitially, companies will set up cross-functional teams to buy and implement virtualization, but eventually cloud computing will be an expected skill set of systems administrators.

8. Networking Networking expertise remains a perennial top 10 most-wanted skill, although demand has dropped from 38% in the 2010 survey to 19% in the 2013 survey. Despite the decline, however, IT leaders say they still need networking professionals who have solid experience.

9. Mobile Applications and Device Management As consumer and business use of smartphones and tablets expands, employers are looking for workers who can handle the demands related to the proliferation of such devices

10. Data Center Core technical skills remain in high demand, so it's not surprising that data center skills still make the top 10. In fact, CompTIA reported in its February State of the IT Skills Gap study that server/data center management and storage and data backup remain high on the list of IT skills that employers are seeking.

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