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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should I choose Tale?
A. Tale is known for its services which is a mixture of several things like the quality of the services and cost.Tale has some of the best trainers in the business which makes Tale a Great Place to Study. Our trainers excel  in qualities of patience and ability to explain difficult concepts in simple terms.  Tale is an Authorized training partner of Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, Red Hat, Adobe, Check Point, CompTIA, EC-Council, Citrix, Symantec and many more. We provide an end-to-end solution - airport pickup, hotel, meals, transport, Hospitality Desk support so that you can focus on studies. All boot camps start every month and are conveniently scheduled.Our boot camps are Guaranteed to Run and are never cancelled due to insufficient registrations.We have 3 tracks (Regular Track, Fast Track and Super Fast Track) to suit the learning speed of each participant. We also offer Customised boot camps for special requirements. And most importantly the total cost of attending our boot camp is less than 50% of the cost in Europe and USA.

Q2. What is a Boot Camp?
A. A Boot Camp is an intense residential training programme in a distraction free environment.

Q3. What is Tale's official Email ID?
A. You can drop a mail at

Q4. What is the batch size?
A. The trainings are on one on one basis.In Instructor-led training, quality has an inverse proportion to the number of students in a class, hence we guarantee small batch sizes.

Q5. Is 1-on-1 training available only in Super Fast Track?
A. 1-on-1  training is available in all Tracks (including Fast Track and Regular Track).

Q6. Can I avail extra time?
A. Yes. You can avail extra lab time in the evening.

Q7. If you do not have sufficient registrations for a Boot Camp do you cancel the Boot Camp?
A.We never cancel a Boot Camp on account of insufficient registrations.

Q8. Does the duration of the Boot Camps include week-ends?
A. Yes, the duration of the Boot Camp is from start-to-finish including Saturdays and Sundays.

Q9. What services are included in boarding and lodging?
A. It includes hotel tariff and three time meals only. Other services such as telephone calls, laundry, etc. are payable to the hotel.

Q10. What is the schedule of training?
A. Class timings are from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Classes are conducted from Monday to Saturday.

Q11. Do your training programs run during the Christmas / New Year holidays?
A. Yes, our training programs run during the Christmas / New Year holidays.

Q12. I am not able to locate a course on your website which i want to persue, are there more courses?
A.Please mail us the course you want to persue at We will assist you on the same.

Q13. What is the procedure of registering for a course with you?
A. First, you have to confirm availability of a seat with us. After that you can book your place by sending a deposit of US$400.

Q14. What all is included in the boot camp package fee?
A. Our Complmentary Services includes:

  • Round- the- clock Instructor-led program and lab access
  • One-on-one training by Certified Subject matter experts
  • Highly interactive lectures, group exercises, and review sessions
  • Intensive Hands-on Training
  • One computer per candidate
  • Certification Exam Fees Included
  • Service occupied rooms with Wi-Fi
  • 365 days post training support
  • In house testing
  • 24/7 High speed internet connectivity
  • Three times meals
  • To- and- fro facility at the airport, and between the training centre and the apartment.

Q15. Is cost the only reason why I should consider Tale?
A. Cost is not the only reason why people travel to Koenig for training. Quality of training, small batch size, convenient start dates, holiday experience, flexibility are some of the other very important reasons.

Q16. What are the  hidden costs involved?
A. There are no hidden costs.

Q17. My English is not good. Can I still attend training?
A.If you think that your English is not so good, you can consider to opt for 1-on-1 training where the trainer will be able to give you full attention and speak slowly or persue an English course before the training.

Q18. Can we do more training in less time with 1-on-1?
A. Yes. In 1-on-1 training, you have the flexibility to spend more time on topics which are new to you and skip topics with which you are already conversant.

Q19. I am interested in your CCNP Super Fast course but I only have a week, what shall i do?
A. We can offer you a Customized CCNP boot camp.

Q20. Most of the flights to Delhi reach late at night. Is this a problem for pick-up?
A. It is not a problem. We provide 24 x 7 pick-ups from the airport.

Q21. Does this price include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tea?
A. Yes, it includes three times meals.

Q22. What will be the course material?
A. We provide official courseware for Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Red Hat, Adobe, Check Point, Novell, CompTIA, EC-Council, Security Certified, CIW, LPI. For other training programs suitable publicly available books are used.

Q23. Do I have to go through the course material before I come to class?
A. It is recommended but not mandatory.

Q24. Can you drink alcohol in India?
A. Yes, you can drink alcohol in licensed bars and pubs. You can buy alcohol from licensed shops.

Q25. What is the mode of payment?
A. The registration amount can be paid by Bank Wire Transfer, Paypal, Western Union or Credit Card. The balance amount has to be paid by travellers checks or cash after arrival in India.

Q26. Are you able to arrange training at short notice?
A. Yes, we can arrange training in short notice though booking in advance is always recommended.

Q27. Are there any additional charges during Christmas and New Year ?
A. Yes, the accommodation is more expensive during Christmas and New Year in Goa. 15th Dec to 5th Jan is considered festive season in Goa. The prices for this duration (including accommodation) are more than those published price on our website.

Q28. Is 1-on-1 training the same as mentoring?
A. They are different. Mentoring, by definition, is support and guidance provided for self-learning. 1-on-1 training is actually instructor-led training where the instructor is present all the time (unlike mentoring) and it is classroom training (and not self learning).

Q29. I have read on Prometric's website that foreigners cannot take Microsoft exams in India? How will I achieve certification?
A. Tale has been granted special permission by Microsoft to conduct exams for foreigners visiting India. You need not worry.

Q30. Why should I spend so much money on training when I can obtain certification using dumps/ chart sheets?
A. A paper certification has little value unless backed up with knowledge. A certification can get you the Interview call but only knowledge will make you successful in the interview. For the latter good quality training is essential.

Q31. Do I get a certificate of participation?
A. Yes.

Q32. How are your prices so less as compared to Europe?
A. This is because of exchange rate and lower cost of operation. India is the world's largest exporter of IT-related services and has the second largest number of IT professionals in the world.

Q33. Do I have to take any precautions while visiting India on the health account?
A. India is pretty safe from health point of view.However, it is advisable to consult your physician before coming to India.

Q34. Does it make sense to invest so much money on education during a recession?
A. In a recession, job cuts and reduced hiring is inevitable. In this scenario, certified candidates will be preferred. Thus it makes even more sense to invest in education and certification during a recession.

Q35. I am interested in a Boot Camp which starts on July 7th and ends on July 20th. Which dates should I book my flights for?
A. Your Hotel will be reserved for you from 6th afternoon till 21th morning. You should plan to arrive on 6th and fly back on 21th.
Q36. Is Visa required for India?
A. Yes. You have to get a Visa from the Indian embassy in your country. If there is no Indian Embassy in your country, you should contact the Indian Embassy in the country closest to you.

Q37. What is the process for obtaining a Visa and how much does it cost?
A. For advice and process for visa visit Visa Guidance.

Q38. Can I build my own website if I opt Dreamweaver course with 1-on-1 training?
A. Yes you can, though you are advised to stay a few days extra to complete the website.

Q39. I want to arrive a day early and leave a day after the course has ended. Obviously this is not
catered for in your pricing. Do I need to arrange the extra days in the hotel and travel from the airport?
A. You are most welcome to arrive early and extend your stay after the completion of the Training Program. Extra nights will be charged according to the accommodation chosen by you. Airport pick-up and drop will still be arranged by us at no extra cost.

Q40. Can I attend the training on tourist visa?
A. Yes, you can attend training on tourist visa. In fact, majority of our students are on tourist visa.

Q41. Is Halal food available in India?
A. Halal food is available.

Q42. Is Kosher food available in India?
A. Yes, it is available but only in Delhi.

Q43. I have no experience. Will certification help?
A. Yes it will. Though employers prefer a combination of experience and certification, there is a shortage of candidates who possess both and thus certified candidates without experience are also considered.

Q44. Why is it that some Cisco certified candidates go unemployed?
A. The situation is same across all certifications. All candidates who get certified do not get a job. This is due to various factors - certifications acquired, depth of knowledge acquired, how well the interviews are delivered, aptitude of the candidate, how many jobs are applied for, etc.

Q45. Does CompTIA A+ guarantee my employability in IT industry? Please advise me which certification will help me as a beginner.
A. A+ (or any other certification) does not guarantee a job. However, there are chances of getting entry level hardware maintenance jobs after doing A+. If you have time we suggest that you take A+, Network+ and MCSE which will enable you to obtain a higher level job.

Q46. Can I use my mobile phone in India?
A. Yes. If you have a GSM mobile phone, we advise that you carry it with you to India. We can assist in getting a SIM Card issued for your stay in India (please carry 2 passport sized photographs). We can also provide you a GSM mobile phone for your entire stay in India.

Q47. Is an IT certification worth the investment?
A. Training and certification are the only sure shot way to advance career. People who have invested in education have invariably advanced in their careers. This is especially true for IT.

Q48. The IT job market is still in the doldrums. Why should I invest in IT certification?
A. The IT job market is showing early signs of revival. This is the right time to acquire an IT certification so that you have the right credentials when the IT sector gets roaring again.

Q49. Is the qualification valid outside India and, if so, does it have the same recognition/status as if I had taken it in Europe/USA?
A. Yes, the qualifications / certifications are valid throughout the world and carry the same recognition as a certification acquired in Europe / USA.

Q50. I have read somewhere that foreigners cannot take Microsoft exams in India? Please clarify.
A. Foreigners can take exams in India.

Q51. What if I get interested in other courses, can I extend my stay to do the other courses?
A. Yes, you can extend the boot camp for other courses.It is advisable to request for the Indian Visa with validity upto a few days/week after end date of the proposed training.

Q52. What is your pass percentage?
A. As per current records, 94% of our students clear their Microsoft exams in the first attempt.

Q53. In my city duration of CCNA course is several months. How can you make me CCNA in 9 days?
A. There are several options for learning CCNA. If classes are conducted only for few hours per week, the training can extend over several months. We offer compressed training programs where the participants study for the full day and also spend time in the evening to revise the subjects of the day. Since, the participants remain away from work / family and are focused on learning for the duration of the "boot camp" they learn a lot more than they would in a part-time school.

Q54. CCIE (2 takes). In the event I did pass the exam on the first attempt, is there any refund?
A. There is no refund of second exam fees if you pass the exam in the first attempt.

Q55. If I do not take CCIE (2 takes), can I still resit the RHCE exam if I fail in first attempt?
A. Yes, you can retake the exam at an additional cost of the exam.

Q56. I am from Iran. Can I take Cisco exams at your testing centre ?
A. Yes, you can.

Q57. I am worried about the communication skills of the trainers. Do they speak good English?
A. All trainers at Tale speak very good English. 90% of our customers are from outside India and our trainers speak in a neutral accent.

Q58. Will I be able to adjust with the accent of your trainers?
A. All our trainers speak good English. However, the accent of each of them varies as does the accent of our students. Our trainers try to speak with neutral accent which is fine with most of students.

Q59. Is it possible to bring my partner with me?
A. Yes, you can bring your partner with you. However, there will be an additional cost in terms of Hotel accommodation and meals.

Q60. Is there a place where I can perform namaz?
A. The Center Manager in all locations will provide you a suitable room for namaz.

Q61. We want to train 5 people and would like them in a class to themselves. Is it possible?
A. Yes, if you send 5 participants, we can offer an exclusive Boot Camp for them which can be started from Any Date suitable for you.

Q62. Do you offer online training?
A. Yes, we offer distance training for select courses.

Q63. Is it possible that my organization can pay for training fee without meals and stay so that I can pay the difference on arrival?
A.: Yes, it is possible. Your company can pay only the training fee and you can pay for meals and stay yourself on arrival.
Q64. I have a hearing disability. Can I still attend your boot camp?
A. You are most welcome to attend. We suggest that you opt for 1-on-1 training and inform us in case special audio equipment is required in the class.

Q65. What if I fail an exam?
A. You can retake the exam by paying the cost of the exam.

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